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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Women’s March with FamChY

women's march logoFamChY will march together at the Women’s March Oakland 2018 this Sat., Jan. 20. If you’d like to join them, meet at the steps of the Oakland Museum at 9:45 am. For more information, contact Rachel Sing-Eisen.

Women’s March Oakland 2018 is partnering with the Bay Area chapter of youth organization March for Our Future. This anniversary event will focus on voter education and participation as well as uplifting tomorrow’s leaders, with the theme, “Hear Our Vote: March for Our Future.”

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Volunteer Opportunity at Women’s Prison in Dublin

The Education Department at the Federal Correctional Institution at Dublin (FCI Dublin), CA (a low-security prison for women) is seeking people with relevant personnel experience to participate in their annual Mock Job Fair for inmates on Wed., Apr. 25. There are two sessions: 7:30–11 am and 12–1:30 pm. Volunteers can participate in one or both sessions. 

The goal is to provide inmates the opportunity to sharpen their interviewing and job-seeking skills before their eventual re-entry into society. Developing the tools necessary for an inmate to seek and secure employment upon their return to the community can be a critical factor influencing whether they will become a productive member of society or return to the criminal justice system. Representatives and volunteers who agree to perform this public service will be asked to conduct practice job interviews for inmate participants.

FCI Dublin is seeking both individuals to assist in interview coaching and resume reviews and hiring organizations to participate in the event. If you would like to volunteer to provide interview coaching/resume review (or know an organization that may wish to participate), please contact Remegio Tibunsay at FCI Dublin, at Volunteer opportunities may fill up quickly. 

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FCCB Book Group Gatherings

Fri., Feb. 9 Daughters of the River Huong by Uyen Nicole Duong at the home of Mary-Ellis Adams.