Fourth Sunday of Easter/Earth Day Sunday

1 Corinthians 12:27

10 AM 
Worship, Molly Baskette & Steve Almond; Amar Khalsa, musician; Elizabeth Forsyth, organist; Derek Tam, Music Director, Sanctuary
Musical Highlights, “Prelude for Peace,” Holly Coates-Bash and Nancy Knop, harp; Amy Hiestand, vocalist; “Lead Me, Guide Me,” First Church Gospel Choir;
Derek Tam, piano; Bill Coffin, drums; “Lord, Have Mercy,” Songs of the Soul, Linda Crebbin-Coates, director

11:15 AM 
After PartyTerrace

11:45 AM 
Learning Hour, Steve Almond, Rev. Molly, Marvin K. White & Rev. Lynice Pinkard will engage in lively discussion, Sanctuary