Frances Townes’ memorial service will take place this Saturday, June 23 at 1 pm in the Sanctuary, with a reception afterwards in Loper Chapel and the Pillar Room. Frances died on Feb. 5.


The memorial service for Frankie Wei will be held this Sunday, June 24 at 5 pm in the Sanctuary.

We’ll be saying farewell in worship this Sunday to both the Hesse-Giles & Sweetser-Lunn families who are both moving back east.

Prayers for healing for Mya Byrne who is recovering from an accident that caused her shoulder to be dislocated.

The memorial service for Marian Conning (Sarah and Jim Conning’s mother) will be held Saturday, June 30 at 11 am at the Danville Congregational Church UCC, 989 San Ramon Valley Blvd, Danville, CA.