CROP Hunger Walk 2017

Sun, Apr 30 • 1:00 pm

St. Mary Magdalene

The Berkeley CROP Hunger Walk will begin Sunday, April 30 at 1 pm, departing from St. Mary Magdalene, 2005 Berryman Street, in Berkeley.

Register and donate online and share your website donation page with coworkers, relatives and friends near and far and also on Facebook. Come early with a picnic lunch to enjoy with other walkers from our church and other Berkeley congregations.

Of the Berkeley donations, 25% will go towards these four local nonprofit organizations: Y.E.A.H., Berkeley Food Pantry, Youth Spirit Artworks and Dorothy Day House Berkeley. The other 75% goes to Church World Service programs represented in the infographic below—everything from increasing sanitation and access to water, to resettling refugees, to supporting legalizing the status of immigrants, to immediate response to disasters and long-term recovery, etc.

Church World Service Projects infographic

2005 Berryman Street, Berkeley

Carolyn Ash