Mental Health Promotion Seminars—Emotional Literacy

Sun, Mar 11 • 11:45 am

Loper Chapel

On Sunday, March 11, First Church member Kerrie Hein will present the third in a series of six monthly sessions on Mental Health Promotion. The title is Emotional Literacy and will take place from 11:45 am to 1 pm in Loper Chapel.

Kerrie will share information about what we need to know about emotions, what emotions have to do with mental health, and how emotions are addressed in psychotherapy. It’s never too late to learn about emotions!

On a Saturday evening in May or June, we will show the Disney Pixar film Inside Out which journeys inside the mind of an 11-year-old to see her emotions at work. Suitable for families and easily enjoyed by people of all ages.

The Mental Health Ministry Team is sponsoring this series of seminars which will be held during the Adult Learning Hour on the second Sundays, January – June 2018. All are welcome to attend one or more or all of the presentations.

Kerrie Hein is the Lab Director for the Golden Bear Sleep and Mood Research Clinic at UC Berkeley. Over the past eight years, Kerrie has interviewed hundreds of people from many walks of life—teenagers to seniors—about their mental health histories, learning from them the many ways in which their lives have been painfully affected by mental illness. Her passion is to educate people about mental health, giving them information and tools that will help them live more productive, fulfilling and resilient lives, recognize and recover from mental health problems, and care for those in their lives who are experiencing them.

Here is the full list of presentations (links indicate a video of a past presentation):

January 14   Mental Health: What Is It and Why Should I Care?
February 11   Mental Illness
March 11   Emotional Literacy
April 8   Suicide
May 13   Mindfulness
June 10   Sleep

For more information, click here for a description of each seminar or speak to Kerrie.

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Robin Kempster