Urban Releaf Tree Planting 2019

Sat, Apr 27 • 9:00 am

West Oakland BART Station

Save the date, Saturday April 27, 2019 and fling yourself and your family into the fun! We are planting trees at the West Oakland BART Station—beautiful, healthy, CO2-capturing trees!

Urban Releaf will meet us at 9 – 9:30 am the corner of 7th and Chester Streets (the northwest border of the BART station.) Sign up in the First Church courtyard after the worship service this Sunday and the next 3 Sundays. This is a great event to bring friends who love trees, birds, being with fun people. You may also sign up with Mary Fujii (contact her through the church's online database Realm). You’ll be able to see your trees as you take BART into SF for years.

Urban Releaf has also been a focus of our “plate donations” during the Sunday worship services in March of 2019.

1451 7th St, Oakland, CA 94607