Inviting Diversity

No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here

First Church extends an extravagant welcome to all of God?s people. We come in so many sizes, shapes and colors! We welcome the gifts of all into our community. You don’t have to have everything figured out to be part of the First Church community.


Many Paths of the Spirit

First Church recognizes that there are many ways to seek for God's presence. The life and story of Jesus is a powerful one but not the only one. Even within the Christian tradition, there are many different ways of seeing things. First Church will support you on your path. More about spiritual journeys at First Church...

We also called to ecumenical and interfaith dialog, and seek to live in peace with others.


Advocating for Racial Justice

black lives matter signFirst Church is committed to advocating for racial justice through education, activism and prayer. The ministers of the church and guest preachers include these issues in their sermons and programs are planned regularly to increase awareness and compassion. The church also addresses issues that emerge in the news through public statements. You will find a listing of past news items and event listings related to racial justice and diversity here.


Open and Affirming (ONA)

First Church became an “Open and Affirming” church in 1994 which offers a direct welcome to members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. The church has followed through with the commitment through action and involvement.

More about Open and Affirming at First Church...

Read the First Church Open and Affirming statement...


Giving Voice to Diversity

First Church seeks to recognize the voices, life experiences, struggles and joys of all people through elements of worship, education and the journey of the spirit. We are called to step outside of our own cultural contexts to understand the experience of others and to advocate for their issues and concerns.


The Diversity Ministry Team

A group of First Church members and friends has been meeting for a number of years to provide a place to raise issues of cultural difference. This group meets monthly, generally on the first Wednesday of the month, and is open to any members of the wider First Church community.

The Team has also published several reflections on the Diversity Ministry Team Blog.


Other Ministry Teams

First Church members can organize Ministry Teams around any issue or concern that they feel called to address. Many address underserved populations and help stretch our boundaries as a community as well. More about Ministry Teams...


World Citizenship

The First Church community is often called to recognize that we are all citizens of the world. Groups and individuals travel to other places, bringing back stories and creating connections that are shared with the rest of the community.