Ministry of Outreach, Mission & Service

School built in Billo, EthiopiaThe Ministry of Outreach, Mission and Service (OMS) at First Church provides leadership within the church to support individual members and the church community as they reach out to address local and global needs through service activities, grant making and special collections as well as through support and sponsorship of First Church Ministry Teams.

In support of this work, OMS organizes occasional educational sessions on themes related to these activities and takes responsibility for publicity through ?moments for mission? during Sunday services as well as through the website and the Carillon. In the past years, service activities sponsored by OMS have included Rebuilding Together, Bay cleanup and the Church World Service CROP Walk (against hunger), as well as volunteer work at various local food banks. Check out some current and past justice and service news and events.

Mission 1 Food CollectionOMS sponsors four special collections a year during Sunday morning services that occur when a month includes a fifth Sunday. These collections can include such things as school supplies for needy children, food for local food banks, diapers for needy children and items that can be sold at the Cellar Thrift Shop to increase the pool of funds in support of justice and service work of the church. At the end of each year, OMS meets to consider grant applications from ministry teams and organizations addressing community needs and providing opportunities for congregational involvement. These grants are funded through monies raised by the Cellar Thrift Shop as well as through the Christmas and Easter offerings. Here are some of the organizations and agencies that have been funded in the last year.

The OMS also sponsors the ?Gifts of the World? alternative Christmas gift catalog.