Feb 11, 2018 • 10 am • Waffle Day

The state of the world can seem perilous. Political life in the United States seems chaotic. Minister of Art & Communication Phil Porter describes his attempts to share his experience of life with our current president to his InterPlay friends in Australia in performance in January.

Jan 7, 2018 • 10 am • Following the Star

The first Sunday in January is generally Epiphany Sunday, when we celebrate the “coming of the light” that was Jesus’ birth. The story for the day is about the Wise Ones who followed a star to Jerusalem and then to Bethlehem where they found the baby Jesus. The first Sunday of each month is also all-ages worship when the children stay for the whole service.

Dec 31, 2017 • 10 am • Children of God

Advent and Christmas is a time when we celebrate the coming of God-ness to the world in the form of a baby. It is a powerful symbol of both possibility and humility and it is easy for us to respond with openness and love.

Nov 19, 2017 • 10 am • Discipleship: The Venture of the New Creation

Guest preacher Rev. Lynice Pinkard deconstructs the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30) to expose the greed and inequality that was represented in the story. She calls us all the a “dissident discipleship” which rejects the status quo and moves toward the way of love. The Kingdom of God is an alternative script, a viable choice. We can shift our attention from ourselves to each other.

Nov. 12, 2017 • 10 am • Midnight Oil

Five foolish bridesmaids, five wise bridesmaids, ten lamps, a limited amount of oil, a bridegroom and a wedding feast—this was the subject of the mornings’ scripture (Matthew 25:1-13), an allegory about the kingdom of God.