An Advent Shrine

Thu, Dec 7, 2017

First Church members Cynthia Winton-Henry and Bree Elle Gardner have created and will tend to the development of an Advent Shrine during the season in the Hall of Entrance based on the Advent theme “Watch.”

They invite others to interact with the shrine in a number of ways:
•    Reflect on Mark 13:24-37 that describes how the mystery of love comes in starbursts, clouds, and the slow bloom of a fig tree.
•    Take a big star home. Collage, decorate, or write on it to convey a god moment from the week. Place it in the shrine. Do a new one each week.
•    Take a small star at the shrine and add it to the shrine with your prayer.
•    Place poems or writings for others to read or hide them in envelopes,
•    Place something from home that you are drawn to share.
•    Bring a picture of someone you want to honor during this time of year.

Cynthia has been making shrines for a number of years as part of her practice of blending art and spirituality. She has facilitated others making them as well, including small ones in Altoid tins at Camp Caz, where she connected with Bree Elle.

She says, “I love finding containers and the artful conversation of placing objects full of whimsy and wonder according to color, texture, imagery. I need to think visually as I engage with life mystery! At my shrine workshop in Jingletown, near Alameda, I open my studio to visitors on Second Fridays, giving me a marvelous opportunity to enshrine people as part of my work!”