Outside Sign Survey

Tue, Jun 5, 2018

Members of the Ministry of Stewardship, Finance and Administration and church staff have been working on the design of a new sign to be installed on the outside of the church.

The congregation is invited to give input on the wording of the sign, choosing among three proposals.

It will be constructed from aluminum and will be three-dimensional. The large letters will be cut and mounted individually. The words in the metal bar will be cut in reverse (the letters will be empty space in the bar). All parts of the sign will be mounted with space between them and the bricks with lighting behind to give it a backlit glow at night.

Option 1
Heading: First Church Berkeley
Subhead: First Congregational Church of Berkeley • UCC

Option 2
Heading: First Church
Subhead: First Congregational Church of Berkeley • UCC

Option 3
Heading: First Congregational Church
Subhead: First Church Berkeley • UCC

Congregation members are invited to indicate their preference through an informal poll. Look for the display that will have mock-ups of the three designs and a voting box in the Hall of Entrance on Sundays, June 10, 17, and 24. The Church Council will make the final decision about the sign at their meeting on Tuesday, June 26, taking into account congregational input.

After a design decision is made, the church will need to go through a permitting process with the city of Berkeley, so the schedule for installation is unclear. The sign will be paid for with off-budget funds.