Photos of the Week

Wed, Mar 14, 2018

First Church Music Director Derek Tam directed three performances of Prokofiev's "Peter & the Wolf" last Saturday, with the narration done in three different languages. In the first, Minister of Community Life Rachel Bauman narrated in English.


Rachel Bauman narrating Peter and the Wolf


Here, Derek is shown with Monica Xu who narrated the second performance in Chinese.


Monica Xu and Derek Tam


There was also an "instrument petting zoo" where children could get a closer look at musical instruments.


children looking at a violin

petting zoo--up close to a ukulele


Jess the Jester came to church on Sunday morning to help Rachel Bauman with the Children's Sermon on the importance of humor and laughter.


jess the jester


The San Francisco Girls Chorus, Level IV, also sang during the service and gave a short concert afterwards.


San Francisco Girls Chorus Level IV