Raul Lopez to be Released from Detention

Wed, Feb 20, 2019

Senior Minister Molly Baskette and members of the First Church Accompaniment Team led by Andrea Trexler report that an immigration judge ruled recently that Raul Lopez be released on bond while his case is being resolved. He has most recently been detained in Colorado, miles away from his family. This is an exciting victory, not only for Raul but for other detainees who have been held indefinitely, as it sets a precedent for release.
There are two ways you can stand up and step in for Raul and his family.
First, donate to the rotating bond fund. Please join the effort to raise the $25K bond needed to bring Raul home. When his case is resolved, that money will go back into the fund to help other detainees. A donation in any amount will help reunite families.
Second, join the Sanctuary Accompaniment team. First Church has been accompanying the Lopez family but the need is great, and we would love to have the capacity to serve at least two local families. It is less time than you think, and far more rewarding than you think. As Rev. Molly preached in her recent sermon, "Blessed are you when you willingly accompany another child of God in their suffering. It works if you work it.” You can be in touch with Molly or Andrea to get involved.