Trust Hilton

Director of Youth Ministries

Trust Hilton. is the Director of Youth Ministries. He is also serving as a 2018-2019 Emerging Leader.

Trust is a fourth-year seminary student from Pacific School of Religion. Trust is the name his mom picked, and he's stuck with it ever since! He was raised in Marysville, California, with an affection for music, theater, and church family. As a child, he was nurtured and supported by his United Methodist congregation.

In high school, Trust's experiences led him to consider a career in counseling LGBTQIA youth, in particular those suffering with depression and homelessness, so he pursued a degree in Psychology at University of the Pacific. While in college, he begin to work as a Youth Director at First Congregational, Stockton, and added a Religious Studies major to his degree program.

After college, Trust moved to Berkeley to earn the Certificate of Spirituality and Social Change at Pacific School of Religion. While in seminary, Trust realized that church work was energizing for him, and believes that he can help in the world's healing and transformation by joining church communities.

Trust shares, "I am honored and excited to work with this community. The UCC is an excellent bunch, and First Church is a model congregation. It will be a joy to learn and transform with you all!"