A NEW Short Course in Mindful Self-Compassion

This month, First Church Berkeley is offering the NEW Short Course in Mindful Self-Compassion to our congregation and friends. We hope you will join us.

To learn more, there’s an introductory session on Zoom with questions and answers on October 10, 2020 from 9:30-11 am. Email Nancy DeNero at [email protected] for the Zoom link.

Two MSC trained teachers, Nancy DeNero and Julie Langhorne, will lead MSC exercises so that you can experience MSC and ask questions. More details are HERE.

SC-MSC is an example or what Fr. Richard Rohr calls “interfaith spirituality”.  Mindfulness practice has become better understood through research, and more widely practiced, A core element of mindfulness is “compassion for others and for self.” — the Golden Rule, found in the sacred texts of the great religions.

Doing spiritual practice in an on-line world takes some know-how. While many of us have migrated onto the Internet for school, work-life, and human connection, due to this pandemic, we know Zoom is tiring!  There’s even a term for Zoom-stress:   “Zoom apnea”!  MSC is an antidote!

In the last year, the Center for MSC has become more spacious with the creation of a short course (six weeks of 90-minute sessions on Zoom) for people with limited time.

The Center has supported the course enhancements with weekly practice circles, teacher trainings, teacher forums, and an on-line Teacher Cafe.

It’s becoming a “community” of people learning to embody “loving, connected presence”, which radiates into local communities. There are now over a thousand trained MSC teachers worldwide.