A Tribute to Bill and Barbara: 12 Years of Teaching Meditation at FCCB!

On May 1, 2010, a meditation group founded and led by Bill Coffin and Barbara McHugh met for the first time in Loper Chapel.

Twelve and one-half years later on Oct. 17, a group of church folks who have been attending these sessions for years paid tribute to Bill and Barbara at a dinner convened in their honor.

Each person attending (plus a few others) penned a tribute thanking Bill and Barbara for their creative and inspiring leadership, fellowship, and wisdom for so many years.  For example:

“Bill and Barbara, you have added greatly to my quality of life.  For many years, I dabbled in the practice.  But it was not until you taught your first meditation series at FCCB – maybe 20+ years ago – that it became part of my life.  It’s not often we have such a direct and beneficial effect on another person’s life.  But you certainly did on mine. “

“You both have been pivotal to my spiritual growth and self-care. I look forward to sitting with you, absorbing your insights, wisdom, honest sharing of your own struggles in life as well as in meditation. You have made the practice so accessible and healing. I cherish resting in the quiet of the spirit, resting my restless mind, and restoring my connection to God, to myself, and to all in my life. Thank you.”

“It has been amazing being with you for so many years, watching you grow into skillful teachers and practitioners. I have loved coming to Monday night sitting group, starting years ago… For me, it has been wonderful integrating FCCB and the practice.”

The meditation group meets at 6 pm on the first and third Mondays of each month in Durant House and via Zoom.  All are welcome.  For more information, contact Bill at [email protected].