A Year of Simple Spiritual Stories

by Molly Baskette

With the new year upon us, we will have a new spiritual practice on Sunday mornings that aligns both with the “new forms of worship” and the “growing in intimacy” parts of our Vision!

The big idea: A Year of Simple Spiritual Stories.

Like the testimonies we have done in the past, these will be stories told by a variety of folks in the congregation one each week.

Unlike testimonies from the past, they should be drawn from recent, everyday life, and connect to the scripture and/or worship theme, for continuity.

They don’t need to be the biggest holy encounter, spiritual awakening or healing from trauma you have survived. Just a simple story from your everyday engagement with the world–riding BART, in line at the grocery story, getting kids ready for school, encountering unhoused folks–that gave you a new insight into God and the universal spiritual journey.

You can sign up with this link, which also contains simple guidelines.

We need 2 brave folks to go in January–will you be one of them? Hint, introverts: this is a great way to introduce yourself to a whole lot of people. And it is the most supportive crowd you will ever speak in front of!