Blue Fire Update

The Blue Fire Team is on track to present the final option for rebuilding the church campus on Sunday, April 19 after worship. In this time of great uncertainty, it feels good that there are some things the pandemic cannot stop, including getting closure on this long period of discernment since the fire. Look for more details in the next Carillon about how the Blue Fire Team will convey information about the plan, as well as receive and answer questions. It will likely involving some combination of a Zoom (videoconference) webinar followed by phone conversations with individuals who might have trouble accessing the technology, so all can feel fully engaged in this process. 

As a reminder, here is the schedule for our spring Blue Fire dates: 

Sunday, April 19, 12pm: Presentation of Final Concept (bare bones)

Sunday, May 17, after worship: Presentation of Final Concept (with detailed drawings, budget and long-term financial modeling)

Sunday, May 31: Congregational Vote on Concept As ever, you can email questions to [email protected].