Carmelle Knudsen

Emeritus Parish Associate

Meet Carmelle



After 21 years, Carmelle retired from being the staff person with the pledge/sustaining member portfolio in Feb 2019. She now attends staff meetings, supporting programs as needed. She is grandmother, mother, and wife and an avid quilter. Carmelle was a former Peace Corps Volunteer in Malaysia; and foster mother, having had two newborns and a teenager in her care. She loves talking “theology” and exploring subjects such as how quantum physics informs our understanding of God; and enjoys engaging in political discussions. Carmelle shares “First Church is one place where you are not told what to believe yet you will find a group of people to walk beside you on your journey of faith, allowing you to go deeper, and be the best you can be. A sign that sat on Carmelle’s desk for years – God Don’t Make Junk - reminds us that you are accepted, and loved as God made you to be.