Come Join in a Service of Lament

Wednesday, February 26, 8-9 pm

Prophetic anger and sorrow at the current national situation fill us up and threaten to paralyze us. There are things we cannot bring ourselves to express, and tears we are afraid to cry. Terrible things are happening in our country, and it seems like more than one person can bear. Let us join together and let what we feel spill out to become a new prayer. When we share what we feel, it will lift us up.

On Wednesday, February 26, from 8-9 pm (just after the Ash Wednesday service), you are invited to remain in the Sanctuary for a new form of worship. Bring your bodies and spirits to a service where we will use some basic Interplay forms to help each other bear those things that seem like they are too much to be borne alone. There will be breathing, singing, movement and voices lifted up to share our pain with the community, and hopefully leave a little lighter than we arrived. For more information, email First Church deacon Kenneth Tyler at [email protected]