Contribute Scripture Stories

Email [email protected]

While watching our prerecorded scripture stories these past two months, delivered in puppet shows by Barbara and Bill Coffin or in re-enactments by the Ash Family, have you thought “I’d like to do the scripture story some week!” Well you can! The worship team invites you to join the fun and represent the scripture in your own creative ways. Perhaps you’ve seen Jimmy Fallon’s new introduction to The a Tonight Show with an animated felt board and you’d like to tell a scripture story in felt! Or perhaps you have a whole new idea!

Please email Molly at [email protected] to share your idea for telling scripture and what Sunday worship services in the next few weeks you’d be available to prerecord it for our service’s scripture moment. Thanks in advance for considering helping us “Provide a diversity of open but distinctly Christian, creative and liberating worship forms” (Vision Statement excerpt).