Did You Know…?

…that the Berkeley Pilgrimage Foundation, a charitable giving foundation launched by First Church Berkeley, has awarded a $15,000 program grant to the Black Wealth Builders Fund? “We are so happy to be able to support this initiative to provide financial support to Black homebuyers,” according to the foundation. Donations welcomed. Contribute to the Black Wealth Builders Fund here.

…that the Green Team is hosting a backyard produce giveaway every 3rd Sunday (when there’s produce to give away), called the Abundance Table, at the After Party? Bring what you have too much of in your garden, and take what you like. Come check it out!

…that you can read Norma Harrison’s obituary here? Norma, age 94, died peacefully on May 23 after a short illness. A celebration of her life took place last Sun., June 12 in Oakland.

…that you can read Jerri Ricca’s obituary here? Jerri died peacefully on Feb. 20, two days after her 90th birthday.