Easter Sunday

April 12, 10am, Online

The United Church of Christ faith statement affirms the “responsibility of the Church, in each generation, to make the faith its own.” On Easter Sunday, we will be making the faith our own for our generation: holding Resurrection Worship the way it’s never been done before, by necessity. We will gather in our homes for the digital webcast, and our physical sanctuary will remain empty. But we will find a way to honor many of our favorite traditions: with preaching by both Molly and Kit, the singing of favorite hymns and a raucous Messiah sing, solos from beloved favorites and hopefully an Easter surprise or two. 

We will include a dance party at the end! If you would like to be part of the video montage that guides our feet, have some goofy fun this week learning the choreography from this video, record yourself/your family doing the dance steps (joyful participation is more important than technical excellence), and send to Molly at [email protected] via Google Drive, wetransfer.com or Dropbox by next Wednesday, April 8. Our awesome sound tech Zach Miley will stitch them together for an unforgettable Easter finish! We got faith!

Another way you can participate in Easter Worship: an interactive passing of the peace! Film yourself/your family sharing the peace of Christ: (i.e. exclaiming “Peace be with you!” and/or “Christ is Risen!” in whatever tone feels right to you (unstoppable joy? earnest, quiet hope?) Bonus points for Easter hats or garb. For the polyglots, you might film yourself saying “Christ is Risen” in whatever language is closest to your heart. Send all videos to [email protected] (by Fri 4/10, 9am).