Help Loomis Basin UCC Fight Back Against Hate

Our spiritual siblings at Loomis Basin UCC north of Sacramento, which has a thriving ministry to LGBTQIA+ youth, are facing violent threats from far-right hate groups and need our support. Project Veritas, an alt-right propaganda group, circulated a hateful video about the church and its pastor, Rev. Casey Tinnin, which put them on the radar of other homophobic hate groups. The Proud Boys have even gone so far as to show up at Rev. Casey’s home, targeting him and his husband by shouting through a bullhorn, inviting his neighbors to join them, and inciting violence against him.

You can read more of the story in this article by the UCC national setting.

Rev. Casey and the congregation, which stands firmly behind him, are asking for various kinds of support from our conference, the NCNCUCC, and especially from other ONA churches such as ours. The congregation has gone back to worshipping virtually to keep members safe, and have started a Fight Back Fund as they plan a gradual return to in-person worship with private security in place. Please give generously. Plans are in the works for media support and an in-person vigil as a show of strong support for their loving mission and ministry–stay tuned for details for how you can stand up and show your support for queer kids and their families at this hinge of history!