Juneteenth Lawn Church

Sun., June 19, 4 pm
Front Patio & Lawn, Dana St.

We’re reviving Lawn Church—last summer, it was our way of seeing each other in person while we were still worshiping online, but this summer it’s a way to connect in a more casual and playful way, and a way to let our neighbors “overhear” us without having to come all the way indoors or find our online service to do it. We’re doing faith in public, right on our own lawn. And we’re opening ourselves up to new ways of understanding faith and worship. This month we’re celebrating Juneteenth, the day when the news of the end of slavery in this country finally reached the last communities of enslaved people. We’re lamenting the ways we haven’t yet realized the promise of liberation, and we’re appreciating the gifts of Blackness in our world. Plus music from Stan Boghosian and bandmates! 4 pm on the lawn outside church. Come and be part of a “we” together!