Learning Hour “A More Capacious Regard for the World: Thinking Theologically about Beauty & Justice”

Sunday, October 25, 2020, 12:15 pm

Closing your eyes to savor all the voices around the Gloria being sung in the sanctuary, coral reefs, Point Reyes, live music at a concert or music companioning your solitude while driving, Tilden Park, the worn gestures of a beloved person, all of these are experiences of beauty. The word “capacious” means having a lot of space, being roomy, having a spacious soul. How does beauty expand the roominess of our souls? We will explore beauty: perspective (beautiful to whom?), the beauty of being wrong, the beauty of the worn (wabi sabi), and the role of dissonance. When we expand aesthetically, we also expand in other ways, including ethically. Justice (economic, racial, environmental, gender/sexual) expands and deepens as our sense of what is beautiful expands. Theologically, beauty is a way of experiencing the glory of God.

Christina Hutchins is a member of FCCB. She holds degrees from UC Davis, Harvard, and Graduate Theological Union and has worked as a biochemist and as a UCC minister. For 18 years she taught at Pacific School of Religion as Lecturer of Theology and Literary Arts, and she is primarily a poet. Currently she teaches independently, guest preaches, and is writing a new book. Her most recent poetry book is Tender the Maker.