More Queer(y)ing God: Learning Hours in June

If you’re already excited about our June preaching series—we’re celebrating Pride all month with Queer(y)ing God—you’ll want to join us for this deeper exploration from each week’s preacher into how the church can continue to grow into queer affirmation!

All learning hours will begin on Zoom at 12:15 pm
ID: 889 6774 0143  Passcode: 261432

June 6: Queer Theology for Everyone, led by Rev. Kelly Colwell

In this kickoff session to Pride Month, Rev. Kelly will walk us through the corner of theology called Queer Theology, exploring how it offers heart- and mind-opening, category-busting ways of connecting to and conceiving of God for everyone, whether or not you carry an LGBTQ+ identity.  We’ll ask what it might mean to “queer” our church practices, our prayer, and our theology in an attempt to identify places where there’s still room to grow.  Accessible to anyone (with or without formal theological training!), this discussion will help get you in the mood for a month of celebrating Pride.

June 13: Crip/Queer, led by Rev. Miriam Spies

After being intrigued, moved, and stirred to action by Rev. Miriam’s sermon, join her in conversation with Rev. Kelly for the Learning Hour. We’ll talk about our bodies—the way we move, the way we love, the way we express ourselves, and the ways we make assumptions about ourselves and each other. We’ll talk about how new frameworks can help us break free of our boxes and be liberated for service in God’s world. Whether you attended all the disability sessions or none of them, join the conversation and think about Pride in a new way.

June 20: Trans 201, led by Rev. Lawrence Richardson

First Church has had a Trans 101 workshop. We’ve put our pronouns on our nametags and done work to expand our understanding of gender. What’s next for our growing affirmation and welcome of trans, nonbinary, and gender-diverse people at our church?