New Member Cohort May 2022

First Church is overjoyed to welcome three new members in our May Cohort–get to know them better here!

Adrian Antonio (he/him)

Adrian grew up in a mega church with some fundamentalist teachings, and is now in the process of healing.  Adrian is proud of his queer identity and has reconciled that aspect of his identity with his spiritual identity.  For fun, he enjoys trivia and karaoke and manages two acapella groups at Cal.

Christopher Batson (he/him)

Chris moved to the Bay Area last Fall from Boston, MA.  He grew up and went to school in New England.  Needing a change of scenery, he followed many of his college friends to the glorious city of San Francisco.  Chris previously attended First Church, Somerville where Rev. Molly was minister before coming to First Church.  Chris’ winter church is the mountains, where he enjoys skiing as much as he can.  Chris is interested in housing and water infrastructure policy and finance.

Jennifer Nixon (she/her)

What brought Jennifer to First Church:  She was inspired by the creativity (in live and remote worship), emotional wisdom, progressive values, interesting and authentic members, strong preaching and leadership, diverse and appealing music, compassion, and the sense of humor and whimsy all around.  She’s a recent member of Piedmont Community Church, and former member of the UU parish in Concord, MA.

She grew up in a family of 7 in San Mateo, and after 17 years on the East Coast returned 20 years ago to the East Bay.  Now retired, her career raged from publishing to an NGO to management consulting, in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.  Her hobbies include reading, theater, music, cooking, yoga, gardening, travel, renovations and genealogy.

Jennifer has two beloved kids in their mid-20s, Elizabeth and Chris, who bring her joy — as do sunsets, blossoms, music, worship, friends and her extended family.