Porch Church Is On!

Sunday, October 18
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We will debut a COVID-aware, micro worship experience on Sunday afternoon, October 18 in 4 different backyards, 3 in Berkeley and 1 in Alameda. A few of us will gather in each location for a brief 20-25 minute service in which we will pray, have individually-wrapped communion and make meaning together in this singular moment. 

Worship will be led by two teams each taking two time slots: Rev. Kelly/Derek Tam, and Rev. Molly/Amar Khalsa. You can sign up to participate here (please sign up every person in your party in their own slot). [of course: if you are feeling unwell, have had exposure to a COVID+ person, etc please stay home and safe that day]

We are aware that not everyone is low-risk enough to participate in in-the-flesh worship, but as a “part for the whole Body of Christ,” the worship team and Church Council pray that these microgatherings might lift our entire community in joy, through spiritual osmosis. We are but one Body with many members, one circulatory system that nourishes the entire community via the pumping of one central, steady heart.