Praying Together in Advent

As COVID numbers are on the rise again and we need to stay more distant to stay safe, we are experimenting with ways to be together across the distance. One offering this Advent is the ancient practice of “praying the hours” together. Our updated version of this will be to sign up to receive texts at set times during the day with a short prayer. Everyone who signs up for the text prayers will take a moment to breathe, call to mind the community of First Church, and pray. We’ll pray twice a day (modifying the ancient practice of eight daily prayers), recognizing that we are one body at prayer, even when we’re separated by physical distance! You might like to light a candle, but you can also pray as you walk, wash dishes, stretch, work in the garden, or any other activity of life. 

We’re using the text service Remind for this practice. It’s free to use and you can reply to anything if you like. Just click the link to add your name and number to the list. Because Remind is set up primarily for teachers, you’ll see language that you are joining the First Church “class.” 

I look forward to praying through Advent with you!