Sign Up for Lent 2021 Fast/Practice Groups

Deepen your journey this Lent by joining a Fast/Spiritual Practice Group (or two!). All are welcome – you don’t need to be local or a member of First Church. If you’re not sure which group to choose, pray and listen for which invitation especially draws or challenges you. (Or, start your own! Fill in “Other”) 

Lent began Ash Wednesday, February 17, and concludes Easter Sunday, April 4. You are welcome to join a group at any point. (And you can choose to suspend your fast on Sundays – “little Easters” – or not) For any of the groups, there is room to personalize your fast (ie for the Fasting from tech group you might choose to give up device usage once a week, or every day after 7pm, or social media, etc.)

Once you sign up, group conveners will be in touch. Each group/convener will decide how the group will check in one another (at least weekly) for collective solidarity, accountability, spiritual reflection and community connection (i.e. a group text or email thread, a brief weekly Zoom, etc).
Thanks for participating and blessings to you this season. 

For more about Lent 2021 with First Church Berkeley, and our theme “Repairing the Breach”:

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