Holy Dance Party

Submit Dance Videos, Vaccinated Hug Videos, and/or Virtual Choir for Easter Worship “Holy” Dance Party

Due on Monday, March 29

For this year’s Easter worship grand finale dance party, we’re creating a pandemic era music video inspired by Justin Bieber‘s “Holy.” We’d love to include as many people and families as possible! You can participate in all or one of these ways:

  1. Learn this simple choreography (https://youtu.be/NyE6RWEDTHw) and film yourself/ household doing the choreography a few times — along to that clip.  (Feel free to make it your own! Molly is modeling a seated version if you prefer.) You can also add some free form dancing!
  2. For the fully vaccinated among us: Film a 10-15 second Reunion Hug Video (or still photo) of you hugging someone you’ve been reunited with recently ~ *bonus points for videos of grandparents hugging grandchildren!*
  3. Join the virtual choir for part of the “Holy” chorus! Sign up with Derek ([email protected])

To submit your video for the “Holy” Music Video, upload it to this Google Drive Folder here (with EASTER HOLY VIDEO in the file name. Or, if that doesn’t work for you, email/send via WeTransfer.com to [email protected] with EASTER HOLY VIDEO in the subject line). 

*The music you hear in the dance video is the Justin Bieber original chorus, but here are the re-written lyrics we’ll be using!

It’ll feel so holy, holy, holy, holy, holy
Oh God! 
Running to each other’s open, vaxx’ed arms!
Just wait another second
‘Cause the way you’ll hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me, First Church,
Will feel so holy