Support Return of the Monarch Butterfly – Milkweed Seedlings Available at the Abundance Table

Sun., May 19, 11:15 am
Hall of Entrance

Monarch butterflies, a beautiful species once common across coastal California, have suffered a precipitous population decline in recent years. This has been largely attributed to a diminishment in their habitat, and especially to a diminishment in a native Californian species of a plant, Milkweed, that is vital to the Monarch lifecycle. This Sunday, you’re invited to take a simple, and easy, step to support the recovery of Monarch butterflies in our area by taking home a Milkweed seedling!

The First Church Green Team is hosting the Abundance Table in the Hall of Entrance at the end of the service, as on every third Sunday.  As always, there will be a variety of plants and produce donated by First Church members from their backyard gardens for free distribution in addition to  a large number of Milkweed seedlings. The plants are native to this area, and once established, grow to up to three feet high, and are perennial, dying back in the autumn, but returning each spring.  They require at least partial sun, but are low-maintenance, and an interesting addition to any home garden.  Once established, you are very likely to see Monarchs fluttering by them, laying eggs for the next generation.  With any luck, you will find beautiful Monarch caterpillars eating the Milkweed leaves, as they grow and go into chrysalis to develop into mature butterflies.

Please consider taking home some Milkweed seedlings this Sunday and spread the word about the importance of Milkweed in sustaining Monarchs. These simple actions can make a real difference for Monarchs!