This Weekend’s Worship Webcast

We are observing the strictest interpretation of the region’s shelter in place order for Sunday worship, worshipping in a dispersed way with all leaders in their homes. We will have a combination of taped and live segments, edited together in what we hope will be a seamless fashion, but there will undoubtedly be glitches, and we ask patience and grace with the things that will inevitably go wrong as we live into this new (ab)normal. 

For the webcast itself, we will be broadcasting across four platforms, and given the limitations of our web hosting service, we ask you to prioritize in the order below. All of these sites offer space to comment, greet one another, say Amen, offer prayer requests, ask questions, get help with the technology and more: 

#1: Facebook. We’re hoping to consolidate the largest group here in order to have the most interaction. We’re also planning to attempt a watch party with our private facebook group.

#2: YouTube. A solid alternative source for the Sunday service.

#3: Vimeo. Yet another reliable online venue.

#4: Via our website. Let’s try to reserve this one for guests.

Also, Emma Fujii has made an instructional video ( to help you see how to log on to watch, and of course, you can ask for 1:1 help ahead of time by emailing Ben at [email protected]!