Door sign that reads "Come In, We Are Open"

Volunteer Office Coverage Needed this Summer

June/July 2024

Door sign that reads "Come In, We Are Open"

Many of you have been asking the church staff if we’ll be OK with Rev. Kelly out on parental leave–and again/still when Rev. August goes on medical leave in June. The answer is: we will be, with your help!

We need a steady, friendly presence in the office when we are understaffed. You can see (and sign up for!) 3-hour weekday shifts in June and July when we need coverage here.

Bring your knitting, bring your Netflix! Mostly what you will need to do is sign for packages and be a friendly face for anyone who stops by. You are also guaranteed to feel a sweet sense of being part of the backstage/backbone of the church, and all that goes into making church happen not just on Sunday but all week long. Any questions? Email Louise ([email protected]).