a parking lot with tiny houses under construction

YSA Fence Picket Painting and Tent Drive

Young people are about to start moving into the Tiny House Village we have helped build with Berkeley-based Youth Spirit Artworks! 

Members and friends of First Church have lovingly created 28 twin-size quilts for the residents that we will bless in worship on August 2. 

You are invited to come to the church lawn for a COVID-safe socially-distanced painting party on Thursday, July 30 from 5:30-7pm, as we paint fence pickets with loving messages and designs that will grace the perimeter of the Village. We will also be accepting donations of tents in good condition at that time, for our neighbor Berkeley Free Clinic’s tent drive for unhoused clients. If you can’t bring the tent to church yourself, you can email Alice Clark at [email protected] to arrange for a pickup. Email Rev. Molly at [email protected] for info about the painting party. All ages welcome, but please assess your risk level and your symptoms before arriving. 

Finally, there are a few items still needed to finish furnishing the tiny houses and the communal kitchen. To sign up to donate, click here and here. Let’s bring this project HOME!