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Wheelchair Accessibility

Almost all rooms at First Church are wheelchair accessible, including those on the Upper Level (except for staff offices on the second floor of Durant House.) The main level of First Church is accessible from the front of the building but not directly from the parking lot.

Wheelchair accessible bathrooms are available near the Hall of Entrance (go through the double doors in the center of the space opposite the Sanctuary.)

Several spots are available for wheelchairs in the Sanctuary, and the Chancel (the raised area at the front of the Sanctuary) is accessible by a ramp on the right side.


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In September of 2016, a fire destroyed Pilgrim Hall, the building on the south side of our campus. We have relocated the activities that happened there. Some of the spaces we now use, especially on Sunday mornings, are in the building on the north end of our campus. The church's full-time tenants, the East Bay School for Boys, have been generous in the sharing of that space. Plans are underway to rebuild Pilgrim Hall.


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