Church on Fire #12 • Joy

In this season following Easter, there is good reason for us to find and claim our joy. Rev. Molly and Rev. Phil share their excitement about finding joy even in troubling times.

Dec 11, 2016 • 10 am • Built For Sound

On Advent Music Sunday, Minister of Art & Communication Phil Porter begins by imagining the first song that was ever sung. Music is so deeply rooted in the body and is a mystery—how do we know how to use our voices in so many different ways?

July 19, 2015 • 10 am • Kyrie

On Sunday, July 19, 2015, a choir from Poland called Pueri et Puellae Cantores Plocenses performed several pieces during the 10 worship service. The Choir is directed by Anna Bramska and was in the Bay Area to participate in the Golden Gate International Choral Festival, a program of the Piedmont East Bay Children?s Choir.