We Need Your Electronic Ballot Consent Form

For future congregational votes we will offer electronic ballots via email to those who prefer to vote electronically rather than with paper ballots through the US mail. Electronic ballots will save the Church labor, paper, and postage costs. Members: please take 2 minutes to print and fill out this form and return it today – take a photo of your filled-out form or scan it and email it to Louise Halsey at [email protected] or return it via US mail.

Those who wish to receive paper ballots instead may still do so! Members who prefer to receive paper ballots don’t need to do anything: you will receive paper ballots for upcoming votes. And if you agree to receive electronic ballots, but later change your mind and want to switch back to paper ballots, simply email [email protected]. Of course, whether you vote via US mail or electronic ballot, your vote will count the same.