A Step Toward Stopping the Utility Tax

Thanks to our efforts as part of a broad coalition, there is now a bill to repeal the Utility Tax! This is a tremendous turnaround and the direct result of our advocacy. Thank you!

Led by Asm. Jacqui Irwin and a team of co-authors, this bill (AB 1999) would repeal the Utility Tax provision in AB 205 and prevent an increase in electricity bills for anyone living in an apartment or small home, or anyone conserving energy. You can view the press conference and read the bill.

AB 1999 is authored by Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin, and co-authored by the following: Assemblymembers Bauer-Kahan, Addis, Berman, Connolly, Muratsuchi, Papan, Pellerin, Quirk-Silva, Ting, Ward, Weber, Boerner, Bonta, Friedman, Lee, Low, and Maienschein; and Senators Blakespear and Wiener

This is a milestone in the campaign to repeal the Utility Tax, and you had a big role in getting here. Congratulations!  But… 

The utilities (PG&E, etc.) are going to try hard to prevent this bill from passing. We have to help Assemblymember Irwin convince her colleagues to vote for AB 1999 by June 30th.  Please call the offices of Assembly Member Buffy Wicks (916) 319-2014 and Senator Nancy Skinner (916) 651-4009 and ask them to become co-sponsors of Assembly Bill 1999.  Here’s a script to talk to the person answering the phone or to leave a message:

“My name is [Name], and I’m calling you as my representative and for First Church Berkeley to ask you to add your name as a co-author to the bill to repeal the Utility Tax. The Legislature created a mess in Assembly Bill 205’s provisions creating an uncapped Utility Tax. Even a Utility Tax of $30 / month will increase utility bills for millions of working people who live in apartments or small homes that use less electricity. The legislature needs to fix this mess by June 30th to protect millions of people from bill increases. Please join as an author on AB 1999. Thank you.

– Green Team (1/31/2024)