Abolish Christianity?

Tuesday, September 1, 3:30 – 5 pm

Guest preacher and friend-of-First-Church, self-proclaimed “feral Christian” Rev. Lynice Pinkard is running an amazing online Bible Study this fall! If you are wanting to go deeper in your faith and also provoke a critique of Christianity, this is the place and this is your teacher. Click here to register! 

On Tuesday, September 1, 3:30 pm – 5 pm, we begin an 8-week study called “Abolish Christianity?”. This study is for folks who’ve newly connected with GNM over the last several months as well as the wider community of Greensboro and beyond.

For many, this study will be an introduction to a spiritually-rooted justice movement that is very different than the colonized, white-washed, exclusivist religious institution of Christianity.

The study will be taught by GNM member and activist elder Rev. Lynice Pinkard (also affectionately known as “Ma Lynice”), author of the prophetic essay “Revolutionary Suicide: Risking Everything to Transform Society and Live Fully.” Join us for this powerful study and invite a friend!

Register at tiny.cc/AbolishChristianity