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Accompaniment Team Urgent Needs

Our Accompaniment Team has been following up every lead possible looking for housing for Melissa and her family. Every time we ask her what her top goal is, she says “a stable place for my children to live.” 

Because of your generosity, we have $4000 available for her to move in to a room or shared house. We imagine this will cover the first 3 months of rent and a security deposit, and we can do more fundraising when we have exhausted those resources if COVID is still wreaking havoc with the economy and Melissa’s ability to find work. 

Do you know of a place she might live for the next 12 months? A room in a home, an empty home while someone shelters at their second home, an ADU? Melissa would also be glad to clean, help with child care, or perform other simple services in exchange for a suitable living space or reduced rent as well. She is a kind, calm, deeply respectful, hardworking person who has been through a lot and who just wants safety and stability through this unsettled time. Contact [email protected] if you can help.

Here is a flyer you can print and post in order to help:
Download Flyer