Nov. 20 Learning Hour: Advent Conspiracy 2022 – for Parents & Others!

Sun., Nov. 20, 11:45 am
Loper Chapel

Before we get sucked into the holiday hype and agree to do things for the season “like it’s always been done” or “like it’s expected,” let’s take some time to set our intentions to celebrate the Advent and Christmas seasons in a way that will be less hectic and pressure-packed and more fulfilling and celebratory as we’d like them to be. Join parents Ann Naffziger and Paul Canavese on Sun., Nov. 20 at 11:45 am in the Loper Chapel for a session on the Advent Conspiracy  a movement to reclaim the holidays from the consumeristic culture and put the emphasis back on celebrating Jesus’ birth with warmth, simplicity, and meaning. This will be a practical session, geared especially toward parents and grandparents, to help spark ideas for how to step out of habits and expectations for excessive spending and partying that leaves us exhausted and unfulfilled. We’ll brainstorm ways to give more intentionally and relationally while freeing up resources to support things that really matter. We’ll also discuss how to talk with children about how we can best manifest our family’s values as we make decisions about how we mark the season. 

This discussion will happen the Sunday before Thanksgiving so that if you want to make changes in your extended family, you can consider broaching them at your Thanksgiving gathering. 

Childcare will be provided, but older children are welcome to be a part of the discussion if desired.