Advent Text Prayers

This year we’ll have the return of our Advent Text Prayers, which will arrive on your phone at 10 am and 4 pm each day in Advent for those who sign up. When you receive the text, take a moment to breathe deeply and pray. Even one minute of prayer, twice a day, will help you feel connected to God and to your church community in this hectic season. The prayers are short (they are limited to 50 characters) and trend a little contemplative.

  • If you’re already signed up, don’t worry — nothing you need to do but wait for the first one to arrive on Monday!
  • If you’re not signed up and want to be, click here and set up your registration, or text text @3b33bch to the number 81010. You can quit at any time!
  • If you are signed up and want to opt out this time around, just text @LEAVE in reply to the first message you get on Monday and that will remove you from the group.