Affordable Housing Committee Update

The Affordable Housing Committee has been working to fulfill its congregational charge to evaluate the potential and options for development of affordable housing on the northwest corner of our campus. We have joined the Alameda County Housing Development Capacity Building Program, which is a cohort of eight East Bay churches working together to learn more about affordable housing development. That program has provided First Church with some grant funding to support a consultant to help take us through an evaluation and discernment process.

We have worked with our consultant to develop a Request for Qualifications to circulate to affordable housing developers in the area. Responses, due in mid-April, will help the committee identify strong partners interested in building affordable housing on our campus. We will be evaluating responses for mission fit, strong commitment to diversity and experience working with churches, as well as economic considerations that can support First Church’s mission and long-term financial stability. The committee will be providing the congregation with updates throughout the process and will be working with the Council and the congregation to recommend finalists.

Please contact any member of the Affordable Housing Committee, Alice Clark, Sophia DeWitt, Dan Leaverton, Lorenzo Llanillo, Scott Sporte, or Rev. Molly, with questions about the committee’s work.