Images of a backpack and two satchels with an invitation to join a blessings of backpacks lawn church service at 4 pm, Aug. 28, at First Church Berkeley

Backpack & Bag Blessing Lawn Church

Sun., Aug. 28, 4 pm
Front Patio & Lawn, Dana St.

You’re invited to bring a bag that you use in your daily life—your backpack for school, your briefcase for work, your tote bag for library books, your purse, your gym bag, anything that you use—and we’ll have a blessing of the bags at our August Lawn Church. Cal students are moving in that weekend, so it’s a great chance for us to be outdoors, offering blessings and community. You’ll get a chance to choose a symbolic set of blessings that is specific to your life and your needs in this new season. Come for the community and the blessings, stay for the popsicles and ice cream bars! Hope to see you there!