Be an Ambassador for Outside Groups to Support our Capital Campaign

Our church has long been a mecca for cultural events, particularly for classical music concerts. We have an opportunity, whenever there is a big event at our church, to stand up and offer a welcome to come back to our sacred space on a Sunday morning–and now we can additionally offer an invitation to help us get over the finish line for our new Community Building project. So many groups love our building, and our mission, and want to see us thrive. But they will only give to our project if we make an explicit ask and tell them how.

Are you going to such an event at our church over the next few months, such as Philharmonia Baroque, Chora Nova or a KPFA speaker event? If so, please contact Rev. Molly or Rev. Kelly and let them know if you would be willing to be a First Church ambassador offering such a welcome and invitation. We’ll even give you a script!