Bestselling Author R. Eric Thomas Joins Us for Art Meets Life Sunday!

Sun., Nov. 26, 10 & 11:45 am
Sanctuary & Loper Chapel

R. Eric Thomas got famous writing a column called “Eric reads the News” for Elle Magazine. Think of it as The Onion written by a Black queer Christian man with a strong bent toward pop culture and a political crush on Rep. Maxine Waters. He’s since written two beautiful books of essays that touch on race, queerness, American politics, mental health, family trauma, how we navigate our own stories, listen to God, and find our path through all that is. He’s also an award-winning playwright and a screenwriter, writing for such popular shows as Dickinson and Better Things. And: he’s married to a pastor! Don’t miss what is sure to be an unforgettable conversation between Rev. Molly and Eric Thomas.  Eric will be selling copies of his newest book, Congratulations, the Best is Over! after church, and will stay with us for a Learning Hour in Loper Chapel during which he’ll read excerpts and take questions.