Blue Fire Affordable Housing Committee Forming

Are you passionate about affordable housing? Are you excited that we have voted to pursue the development of affordable housing on our campus? Good news — you have the opportunity to help our vision grow to fruition!

Our Blue Fire team, who has been working tirelessly for several years to get us to this place, has only just begun its mission. In order to allow existing Blue Fire members to laser-focus on the task of design and construction of our new community building, we are commissioning a new team to focus on the other prong of our two-pronged vision: to pursue the development of affordable housing on the two northwest parcels of our campus for the Church’s long-term financial health.

We have already identified some committed folks who have relevant skill sets and experience in negotiations and strategic planning in this area, but we would welcome a couple of at-large members as well. In choosing folks for the committee we’ll be paying special attention to lifting up diverse voices and relevant experience, but anyone with enthusiasm about the process should feel free to throw your hat in the ring.

If you feel the tug of the Spirit toward serving this goal, please contact Julie Greer, [email protected].