Blue Fire Needs Your Voice with the City

Our first opportunity to be heard in the City of Berkeley regarding our new building will be on November 4, 2021, starting at 7 pm! As part of our project review, it needs to appear before the Landmarks Preservation Commission for their advisory comments. Our campus is not a landmark and that is for the better so the Commission does not take action on our project, but they do get to share their thoughts. It is all good. We want to hear their thoughts once… and keep going on our review path.

This is a zoom meeting and the agenda will have the link and/or a phone number for the public to have their say. Please keep checking here for the November 4 Agenda. It may be up as late as 72 hours before the meeting, so keep looking as you are able after November 1 and get ready to join in.

What might you say? Well, here are some ideas: Thank you Commissioners for your service to our community and for giving suggestions to staff on this project. Please share your thoughts and keep this project moving so we can finally get this project underway and make our community whole again! Or, shorter and sweeter, “Hello and thank you, share your thoughts and please keep this project moving!” And, here is a sure way to charm both the staff and the Commission alike, if you agree with the previous public speaker, just say that you do and that you yield your time!

And, if you are busy on this date, don’t worry, we will have a few more opportunities to represent our church home at upcoming public meetings. 

On behalf of the Blue Fire Committee, thank you so much for your love and support. We are closer than ever to having our campus whole and ready to serve all who visit!